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Linksys usually provide firmware updates for improving product performance, enhance security, and add new features. When you will open my router.local, you can notice a note at the top of your screen which is describing the latest firmware availability. In any case, you can without much of a stretch snap at the message to see whether the new firmware is found and to update the Linksys router. You can also manually download the firmware for your Linksys smart wifi from the support center. You can discover the firmware record for your Linksys wifi router utilizing the model number for the Linksys router you are using. You can download the firmware record at any need zone at your PC framework and concentrate the archive. After successfully login to your Linksys router, you should pick ‘Firmware update’ under the ‘Administration’ tab.

Here are the steps to check the availability of new firmware & update the router.

  1. Open any internet browser on the device that is connected to the Linksys router Wired or wirelessly. Well-Known internet browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and so forth.
  2. Now, type http://myrouter.local or IP address in the address bar of the web browser and press enter, the router login window should open.
  3. After that, you need to Enter the administrator in ‘Username’ and ‘secret key’ Note: The default username will be ‘admin’ and secret phrase is likewise ‘admin’. Both username and secret phrase are viewed as case-sensitive.
  4. Linksys router login screen will appear, click on ‘Administration’ choice on myrouter.local login page and then click on firmware update option.
  5. Check for the new updates automatically by clicking on the check button or you can download the most recent firmware file from the authority site.

Important Note: To avoid the complication of firmware corruption, never interrupt the update process in the middle of the Linksys firmware update. For example, never close the internet browser, load another page or snap a connection. Try not to off the router.

The Linksys router will restart after the firmware gets updated or transferred. The firmware update procedure will take around 3 to 5 minutes.

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